Former Rolo Building

I went out this weekend and photographed this building for ArtInRuins.com
Here is one of them and the rest can be seen on their website here Mine are photos 14-22(black and white of course)


small project

The ArtInRuins website is calling for some photos of local buildings that have undergone changes.
Just came back from shooting the after pictures. Here is their page showing the before photos.
Hope they dont mind black and white photos!



just something to revive the blog a bit.....

i know, it has dust and scratches and a weird border. Yup, it's film......


Rainy day.....

....in the darkroom to make 3(hopefully good) prints for a juried gallery submission. First time for everything, right? I have to submit them on November 8th.


halloween decorations

around the neighborhood......



A photographer in Chicago recently purchased the negatives of a photographer from an estate sale and is posting them online. No one ever heard of her until now. She had 1000 undeveloped rolls of film he is going thru. This is worth following.



working on a new(old) laptop so im not sure if these look ok. My monitor is definately not calibrated.


ive begun the process of organizing about 20 years worth of negatives. Making contact sheets of them all and going to put them neatly into binders so I can know what the heck I have and where. Gonna take a while....


Spent a few hours today downtown at kennedy Plaza Bus station shooting people. Film is developed and hope to print tonight if negs dry fast enough. Its pretty hot today so Im hoping they dry fast. Think I got a few keepers.


I dont experiment a whole lot but for this I dusted off an old Kodak box camera and cut a strip of 35mm film that I inserted in the back of the camera. Had no idea what would happen. This is the result after a few tries at exposure and developing. Taken in my back yard this morning and contact printed.
(click to view larger)


591 photography

many thanks to Ulf Fågelhammar over at 591 photography
for showcasing some of my photography on his blog.
sometimes i wonder what makes me stop and take certain photos. Not saying i dont like this, not saying i do. Just curious why i took it.


why is it so difficult to be the person i want to be? It shouldnt be this hard should it?


Film: Fomapan 400 shot at iso 200 in Rodinal

I love this film!!

Time to take my coffee and go in the darkroom for a little R&R.....pics to come.


Im off to do some late day shooting downtown and test out some of the Fomapan 400 film I just bought. (20 rolls worth) Only 2 days left of vacation :(


(click photos to view larger)
I need a better scanner, anyway here's another new print. I need to work on this a bit more in the darkroom as it is a bit tricky to print.


so nice outside, waiting just a bit longer and Im going out to shoot some shadows with my Rolleicord and some Tri-X. New set of prints drying now so I'll have more to post in the AM. I did a short photo essay on trash pickup day in the neighborhood.......

new prints

(click photos to view larger)
heading back to the darkroom for more later today.....


into the darkroom....

.....tonight. In the meantime here here is a blog of a very cool street photographer.

i want to immerse myself in my photography!


vacation week!

I'm off from work next week. Including today for the holiday thats 10 days with no work!! Planning to do some photography and just take some time for myself. I'll have new photos to post sometime soon, been kind of a busy time lately with many distractions.


house work

Spending the day working on the house while my wife is in Chicago shooting 2 weddings this weekend. Sanding dry drywall mud off a ceiling makes a hell of a mess!! Im glad she isnt here to see this. Will try to get in some darkroom time tonight and post something new here in the morning.


On RFF someone started a thread asking for photos of "stolen moments: capturing strangers in intimate monents" . This is the photo I posted, it was taken a few years ago and the print is dark, grainy and it's a favorite of mine. It was shot along the river that runs thru downtown Providence.