It's no Leica....

Been shooting with this lately. I bought this Olympus Stylus 35-70 zoom on ebay for $10. Negatives look good and are drying....prints to come this weekend. It's great, I take it to work everyday. Shoot some frames on my lunch break, walking to my car...whatever. Fits right in my coat pocket.


Cycle Man NJ said...

I've always liked black and white photographs. When I was "younger" I wanted to be able to develop my own photographs. We lived in apartments for many years and never really had a place to do it. It's an opportunity I missed. I envy you.

It's amazing what you can do with a "box camera" isn't it? Your photos are great! Very imaginative. You must live in a big city.

Anonymous said...

I own one of these cameras, I never used it as much as I should have.

Robert M Johnson

Paul said...

Hi Robert,
It's a great little....I'll have some photos from it posted soon. Thanks for stopping in.