New print

Here is one image I printed last night. Some of the others arent quite dry yet. This one was my favorite and I printed it 11x14 on fiber paper as I plan on framing it. Not often I like something I do to want to frame it, but the print of this has a kind of glow to it I can't explain. I may work on the print more next time Im in the darkroom as it has so many interesting areas of light and dark to adjust and fine tune.
It's a photo of the side of an old diner in the port of Providence area.
(click photo for larger version)


Larry D Hayden said...

I come to your blog on a regular basis to see what's new. I like this print as well. It sure looks like you are building up an impressive body of work around your area.

Paul said...

Thanks again Larry, Providence is a great city to photograph. Been following your blog as well.