why is it so difficult to be the person i want to be? It shouldnt be this hard should it?


Pitxu. said...

Paul my friend,
If you can't be the person you want to be, then be yourself.


Paul said...

Thank you Richard, needed a reminder!
Hope you are well.

Marla said...

read your art and you will find yourself.

in your photos, you find the beauty in imperfection. you are showing the world that being imperfect is just what "is". i suggest stepping into the role of viewer of your art, and do some writing about what you see. i read the reminding of forgotten places; the vulnerability in the crumbling bricks; the complete structure and solidity of pattern in windows, buildings, trees; the humor in the everyday oddness of people, shapes, hoses, etc; a love and appreciation for simplicity. and i am forever in awe of your composition skills.