A few new prints from today

still more from the files....

Had a successful printing session and will have new stuff to post soon.
In the meantime....
Also, I ran a test roll thru my M6 to see how my new to me Jupiter 3 lens performs and the images look nice and sharp. However, the film came out kind of fogged. It was a roll from a batch of 8 that I bought from someone on a forum. He had rolled these himself and i think they might be fogged. I'll try another tomorrow and see how it comes out. Printable but fogged. IM just trying to find a good combo for myself to use throughout the summer. So much for buying bulk rolled film. Time to take the plunge and buy new fresh TriX!

darkroom day

Its warmed up a bit outside, so the basement darkroom has warmed up enough to do some printing today.

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