Inspection day cont......

Well,the car passed inspection.. Nice to know it's still doing well.
AND.... I have just 4 payments left to make on it and it's all mine!
Of course it does have about 165,000, but still going strong, best car I ever had.
Im expecting it to go double that!!

car inspection day

Just went and droped the car off for inspection....wish me(and it) luck. They are gonna call me when its done. Took my Bessa R with me for the 3 or 4 mile walk home and shot a roll of Trix. Too nice out for the darkroom today. Next we're off to Lincoln woods with the dog. I'll have more film to develop after today.

from the archives........


It's no Leica....

Been shooting with this lately. I bought this Olympus Stylus 35-70 zoom on ebay for $10. Negatives look good and are drying....prints to come this weekend. It's great, I take it to work everyday. Shoot some frames on my lunch break, walking to my car...whatever. Fits right in my coat pocket.