Im off to do some late day shooting downtown and test out some of the Fomapan 400 film I just bought. (20 rolls worth) Only 2 days left of vacation :(


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I need a better scanner, anyway here's another new print. I need to work on this a bit more in the darkroom as it is a bit tricky to print.


so nice outside, waiting just a bit longer and Im going out to shoot some shadows with my Rolleicord and some Tri-X. New set of prints drying now so I'll have more to post in the AM. I did a short photo essay on trash pickup day in the neighborhood.......

new prints

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heading back to the darkroom for more later today.....


into the darkroom....

.....tonight. In the meantime here here is a blog of a very cool street photographer.

i want to immerse myself in my photography!