heading downtown to search out another Harry Callahan photo location...


Providence Grid project...

finding Harry Callahan..

Harry made his photograph in 1968, so a lot has changed..but here is my version.
Notice the detail on the building upper right is the same in both images. The hydrant in Harry's photo is still there but now blocked by the bushes. Im also pretty sure he used a 28mm or 35mm lens while I was using a 40mm.
Harry's version can be seen here

My version shot October 12 2011:


well...i've been punched, stared down, sworn at, etc. but today was the first time someone threatened to shoot me if I took his photo. Good thing the threat came After I took his photo....


Went in the darkroom yesterday and made this print of the deconstruction of the old rt 195 from last spring. I made it on Ilford multigrade 8x10 glossy fiber paper. It's not a perfect print yet but this image has all the tones from black, white and in everything in between, the scan doesn't do it justice. Yes...digital would be easier and more convenient...I had to print, develop, fix twice, wash, selenium tone, wash for another hour and then dry for a few hours for this one print. But I'll take inconvenience any day if this is the result..


Shooters Night Club..

The wrecking ball is coming to Shooters Night club this Tues so I went down there yesterday to make some photos. It's been a mess for a while so it shouldnt take long to come down. I guess this was THE big hot spot in the 90's...for those who like that sort thing...